GRAPHIC DESIGN Prepress & Print Coordination $350+

Services include:

  • A press check can be scheduled with the printer for off-set press runs

  • A color proof is strongly recommended for all 4-color jobs (CMYK)

  • Once we have approved the final printed product, arrangements will be made for delivery, pickup, or shipment

  • Includes 3 hours of prepress and 2 hours of print coordination* during the regular business hours** + traveling expenses***


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*Extra hour for prepress is $50, extra hour on printer’s site is $120 (during the regular business hours)

**The regular business hours are: 10am-5pm. Every night hour cost – $200 ( from 5pm till 10am)

***Trip to a printer and back is considering as an 1 hour. Distance to a printer longer than 30 min or more than 20 km is considering as an extra hour on printer site.