Amazing Photo for the Documents

InvisionPro-documents-photo-businessEvery business person would like to see the best quality of own photo on the official documents like a passport or visaCanada Passport requires from the applicant to have recent untouched photo made by professional photographer. On the rear side of the photo should be the official photographer’s stamp, confirming it, with recent date when photo is taken. We specialize on official documents photos like Canadian passport, PRC (Permanent Resident Card), different types of visas and other country passport’s photos.
We entirely comply with Canada Passport requirements and can guarantee the high quality of your look on this photo without any retouching because we do always care of our customers’ best look.

We will be happy to help to all your family members with their official documents’ photo as well. Call us for details at 416-728-2552 about family photos on documents special offer.


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