Drone filming, aerial photography, 360º virtual tours, high-quality videography & photography

We help real estate agents, and commercial and residential property owners sell their buildings, homes, townhouses, and condominiums: 360-degree virtual tours, aerial video, and photographs in combination with traditional videography and photography is the best way to create an impressive presentation of any property you are trying to sell.

Prices for all budgets!

How do buyers choose their future home, townhouse, condominium, or any other real property? In what magic moment do they make a final decision – to make a mutually beneficial deal? It happens when a buyer has detailed answers to the following questions from the inspector–and with our offered services(360-degree virtual tours, aerial video and photographs in combination with traditional videography and photography) he can also see with his own eyes that everything is as described:

  • What area is this house located?
  • What is the infrastructure of this area?
  • What kind of neighbourhood is this area?
  • What does the surrounding area look like?
  • What is the quality of this house, condo or townhouse?
  • What do the interior and exterior look like?
  • Are the windows secure, is the basement leaking, and when was the roof last repaired?
  • Does the property have all the necessary qualities to sell it quickly and easily if needed?

Professionally produced photos and videos give visual answers to all buyers’ questions.

We use high-quality equipment and innovative technologies that allow us to create highly informative videos about any property and the surrounding area.

  1. Aerial videos and photos allow not just seeing a real property and streets close by. Drone filming also provides an idea of the quality of an area in which real property and nearby neighbourhoods are located. In addition to overviewing plans, with drone shooting you can see other close details, like the condition of the roof of the house and other building facades, so drone filming can help with a building inspection. Also, many buyers want to make sure that neighbouring houses look presentable and make a good impression.
  2. The virtual tour is created with a 360-degree camera, allowing you to get a complete picture of the interior of a house or apartment.It’s a comfortable and easy way of inspecting real property, by walking through homes or apartments without having to physically drive to them. There are many situations where a potential buyer can’t attend because they live in a different city, or abroad. Also, there are some restrictions due to COVID-19, where peopleare not allowed to visit a real property; therefore, the virtual tour becomesa workable solution in these situations.
  3. Professional video shooting by traditional HD camera is a reliable way of showing interior and exterior advantages as part of the detailed showing, especially when assessing the technical condition of the premises, the quality of household appliances, and the appearance of each room, office, or utility room. Video clearly shows whether the windows are reliable, whether there are leaks in the basement, how the backyard looks in the evening time, what is going on in this specific street on weekends, and other important details.
  1. Professional photography allows you to show important interior and exterior details in statics and focus on the benefits that are often not taken into account. This is because visiting and inspecting a house typically lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and many details are left unnoticed. High-quality photographs focus attention on important parts of the interior, which can play a decisive role in home buying.
  1. Professional video editing helps to create impressive visual and informative presentation with nice music, supportive titles, and voice over. This kind of video provides comprehensive information about the condo, house, apartment, or commercial property and helps people make their final decision.

You can choose any option for real estate videography and photography. However, the ideal presentation of real estate is a combination of aerial photography, a 360-degree virtual tour showing advantages with video, and using still images to emphasize the benefits of the property.

Let’s produce a story about your property to make a quick, successful sale and a mutually beneficial deal.

We operate throughout the province of Ontario.