The Uphill Battle Documentary Film

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Karate in Ontario:

The Uphill Battle

The Cost of Raising a Champion

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The Uphill Battle addresses the subjects of karate and a healthy lifestyle for children with a distinctive Ontarian flavour. The target audience of this documentary are parents, school teachers, athletes, sports-oriented teenagers, and karate officials at every level.

What the Experts Say!

Sensei Sam Moledzki: “This insightful documentary gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at Karate in Ontario. Many different topics are covered, and anyone interested in Karate will discover something unique and important in this story”.

Sensei Louis Rossi: “Fantastic Documentary. Good choice of dojo’s to represent the message, all respectable, qualified instructors under the right organizations.”

About the Filmmaker

Maria Morgunova personally directed this documentary feature. Maria is the Director of INVISION PRO – a media company in Toronto, Ontario. Maria’s background includes more than 10 years’ experience in journalism and the film and video industry as a videographer, journalist, film editor, producer of short stories, and the director of TV talk shows. Maria holds an MA of Arts, and has created successful stories and programs for the corporate world, broadcast television, and PR companies.

Now, for the first time, we go behind the scenes on the difficult journey of creating karate champions in Ontario. Canadian Karate is based on dedication and enthusiasm of the senseis, coaches, judges, athletes and their parents. Ontario is a very special case in this story. Every day the best of the best are faced with difficulties and hardships created by under-funding in the fast paced world of Karate in Ontario.