Digital Theatrical Background

Backgrounds for different shows

We create digital theatrical backgrounds (backdrops) for any type of show, performance or event*

You can make your show unforgettable if you put a digital background (projection) behind performers, singers, dancers, actors, musician in an event.

Digital theatrical backgrounds support whatever else is going on during your production. We have more than 1000 images to enhance your vision and make your show beautiful. We can transform them in 3D and add some animation to add visual impact of your show. We can adjust them for your needs and make color correction if needed. We can match still images or create a new motion content specifically for your show.
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*rent projection equipment is not included, this package includes only digital projection (backdrops) production;
set up and participation in rehearsal, event or performance is $125/hour


Examples of digital theatrical backgrounds by Invision Pro:

The Lord of the Ring (ballet)

Slide shows

Backgrounds for Beatlemania show

La Traviata (opera)

Technical Requirements:

Hard Drive. Hard Drive is your storage. We will easily copy and save all created backgrounds on your Hard Drive.

Rear Bright Projection. Rear projection will give you better contrast ratio, but it will also provide you with the ability to have projection directly behind someone without projecting onto the actor or subject. It will look realistic and no shadows will appear. The more brighter the projector the more realistic your backgrounds will appear.

If you use a Motion–Projection ask your Tech director about a media-server. A media server is a device that simply stores and shares media. The growing use of motion graphics in environments such as Theatre, Dance, Corporate Events and rock tours has led to the development of media servers designed specifically for live events. One of the primary functions of these machines is to allow current show control technologies to control the playback of video content.

It is a good idea to request the information what kind of media server your venue uses and ask the crew to provide a test before dress rehearsal will start.


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