Marketing Video Starts from a Script That Works as a Map for the Production Team

Tips for Business Owners and Self-Employed Specialists 

Different types of marketing video productions require different scripts. Video is a part of marketing content and is related to other promotional materials, so the script should be based on the same marketing concept and contain key elements of the corporate style.  Here’s a list of tips for creating successful marketing content of any type of video. Following just some of these tips can guarantee that your video will be watched several times and shared widely. It helps business owners to stand out from other brands, particularly those in the same market as their company:

  1. Composition includes introduction, main body, and final part;
  2. Video helps viewers with solving problems;
  3. There are some facts that are important for viewers;
  4. There are captivating elements in your video that grabs and sustains attention;
  5. There’s an idea or story that’s very important for your prospects or clients;
  6. There’s an offer or a benefit that involves customers/prospects/clients in cooperation;
  7. Video contains demonstration of products and shows process of services;
  8. Talking head is visible for only 20% of the video;
  9. Duration is 2 minutes (200 – 300 words). If you need more, consider more than one video production;
  10. It’s easy to perceive the content;
  11. Your content is unique.

Video is versatile! It can be leveraged across a variety of online and offline media channels for years. Customers like to spend money on brands, products or services that they know well and have patronised for a long time. The clearer the facts and stories shown, the more often your marketing video will be shared. Building a name, image and reputation takes time, so a professionally produced marketing video is the perfect tool to help.

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