How to Create Amazing Marketing Video: Create Original Content!

Each marketing video says a lot about the company’s brand, products or services. It’s a unique visual story about business owners or self-employed specialists who wants to be visible on the global market and make their offers sellable. The goal of a marketing video is to hook prospects, increase sales, and engage current clients.  

Send Your Marketing Message

During all phases of video production, it’s a good idea to check if it makes sense to the target audience. A good promotional video must be able to attract viewers, it must be informative and educational, and be able to motivate viewers at the same time. Internet users are confused today.  They have choices on what to watch and what to share, and they are looking for original contents that matches their interests, answers their questions, contains solutions and, finally, saves their time and money.

Start from Preproduction 

Professionally produced marketing video production starts with preparing a script and a storyboard of key shots beforehand. Scriptwriting is necessary to create the sequence of shots (storyboard), find a relevant location, match props, and choose the best equipment. Following a plan and storyboard is the best way to set up all shots and also to guide the video producer in editing.

Don’t Tell – Show!  

A marketing video is not about a talking head. It’s not a radio, and your audience will not appreciate such an approach. Video is about telling a story visually and showing that it’s better than how it’s being told. Even if it’s a short self-presentation, titles and graphics added to the screen simultaneously to enhance what the speaker is saying makes the video attractive. These elements provide additional information that people’s brains can digest while their ears are listening to the speaker. The information may be humorous or supplementary.
Professionally edited videos are based on cutaways to other footage, images, animations, visual effects, or graphics to illustrate what the speaker is describing. By giving the eye something new to look at while the speaker is explaining, video producers add visual interest to avoid boredom. Viewers like to see product demonstrations, showcasing skills, key details of products, process of services and the reaction of real customers.

Add Some Music! 

Original music is a great addition to a marketing video because it creates a specific atmosphere and can affect the emotion of the video. The right music can add drama, excitement, and likeability to the segment.

Checklist for a Successful Production:

  • The content is original;
  • Script is proofread;
  • Story contains introduction, main body, and summarised final;
  • Not just a talking head;
  • Marketing message is presented clearly;
  • Logo and contact information are included;
  • Music and professional voice-over (if needed) are matched;
  • Location looks appropriate, and background serves the story perfectly;
  • Professional production company on a set.

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