Voice-Over or Yourself in Your Marketing Video?

Text or Just Background Music? There are many business owners and self-employed specialists who present their products and services themselves. Then there are entrepreneurs who prefer to record a voiceover, and there are some who use images and clips with text and music background. So, which is the best approach?

It Depends on the Duration

If your video is short enough, for example 20 seconds, just text is enough. Titles are also effective in an effort to evoke emotions. If it’s any longer than that, viewers can tune out. Studies show that Internet users don’t like to read for long.

It Depends on the Design 

To make advertisements memorable, all details should be fitted on one line. For example, the font of text in a marketing video should be the same font that the company chooses for their corporate image.  If the text looks like part of the images, viewers will enjoy reading them and seeing one style.
Business owners who want to promote products or services with words, images and music can use kinetic typography (moving text). This style is also effective at trade-shows and conferences, when it’s quite noisy and people can’t hear the voice-over.  

It Depends on the Content 

The idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” is all about marketing video. Showing hundreds of incredible frames with background music can inspire prospects or customers to buy or to order services and products. In this case, just adding your contact information, website and motto is enough to make a marketing video informative and memorable.  

It Depends on Your Marketing Goals 

There are many promotional videos that have both voice-over and text that complements the narrator. Voice-over helps to avoid unnecessary talking head and facilitates the understanding of the story depicted in the video. Voice-over is very helpful in educating the target audience about a certain product and service. It’s used to inform and to engage the people. If voice-over matches correctly, it convinces and persuades the viewer to take direct action regarding the purchase of the product or service.

It Depends on Who Is behind the Business

In many cases, business owners can successfully facilitate the story about their company, brand, products and services. It works well because target audience are curious to see who is responsible for the business, what this person looks like, their style of presentation and their professionalism. Speaking directly to the prospects and customers is the perfect way to build trust, name and reputation.

It Depends on the Target Audience 

There are many new businesses who have yet to determine who their audience is. In this case, it’s difficult to make the right choice based on what the audience’s interest is. For example, if it’s a commercial about beauty and health products, female voices would be a good option.
Women’s voice-over in general is perceived as softer, less aggressive, more easygoing than a male’s voice; making female voices perfect for explainer videos, corporate videos, training industrials, e-learning and some others. If your product is about a sports event, trucks, construction tools, computers, software, or the newest gadget, then a male voice-over might be the best choice. Usually women are the ones who make decisions about purchasing. They do their research and learn about new products and services before buying. If the women are decision-makers, then that’s a good enough reason to choose a female voice-over.  

It Depends on the Marketing Message

The best way to deliver your marketing message is to combine different tools and involve all the viewers’ senses at the same time. Here are some examples:

  1.  Footage + titles + music
  2. Footage + images + graphics + moving text + music
  3. Footage + animation + voice over + text + music
  4. Business owner as a speaker + footage + images + text + music

Any combination works well with video and the following text or voice-over or both of them should be well combined to engage viewers. Marketing video isn’t the easiest type of marketing content to produce. Video requires professional planning, scripting, filming, and editing every time-  and all details are important!

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