Home-Made Video Is Not a Solution for Small Business Owners

Why Quality Is Important

We live in an era of globalization. We get huge amounts of information about new products and services online. Marketing is everywhere. Self-employed specialists and small companies want to be noticed, so they often use homemade videos to attract new clients. Videos have become very popular today, and can be made at no cost. However, amateur marketing doesn’t work very well. The reason is that a talking head doesn’t engage customers today. Experienced customers usually choose products and services that are promoted professionally. The quality of promotional video determines the quality of any brand. A high-school student may trust an amateur-looking video, but a serious business brand will need to produce a promotional video that matches its image.

Respectable business owners care about the image and reputation of their company. If they invest time and money in their campaign, it means they want their customers to trust in the quality of their products and services.

Marketing +Video = professionally produced video for promotional purposes.

A professionally produced marketing video means that the business owner has worked in cooperation with a team that’s experienced in both marketing and video production. They helped with scriptwriting, light, sound, shooting and editing, following the business’s marketing goals. All details are important when telling a convincing story about a brand, services or products. Contents should be perfect, the speaker’s presentation must be good, and speech must sound smooth. When all these are considered, the presentation will be impressive. The background of the video also creates a specific atmosphere. Viewers can also see titles, images, demonstration, nice introduction and summarising final. The marketing video should contain the logo, name of the company, and a call to action. If all this information is given, the message will be clear and it will be easier to pass the marketing message on to prospective customers or clients. A video that has all these details and information will be memorable and easy to watch. In this case, viewers become supporters. They don’t need to shop around because they already have the solution.

The statistics says a lot: over half of the web surfers agree that companies that use professional videos to present their products and services are more reliable and trustworthy than those that don’t. Moreover, most online customers say that professionally produced videos leave a positive impression of a company. No wonder. Good business deserves a professional marketing video.

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