What’s the Price for Producing a Marketing Video?

Everyone knows that video is the best marketing tool today. A professionally produced video won’t be cheap. A marketing video takes about 2-3 weeks of hard work, and there are many aspects to the project, such as personnel, equipment, transportation, location and others. A marketing video takes planning and professional experience. In order to keep target audiences engaged on the website with video, the quality of the content and production needs to meet the viewers’ expectations and, since television and film have already set that bar very high, business owners need a professionally finished product. A 2-5-minute marketing video might cost anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000 as a starting point. What does this cost cover? Generally, there are three main parts of video-production: pre-production, production and post-production.

Pre-Production: Scriptwriter, Proof-reader, Producer, Designer 

Concept / Script / Storyboard are very important. It’s like a house plan for a builder, or a pattern for a tailor. A marketing video is a combination of marketing and creativity, so concept development is a process that will help to move product, services or a business owner forward. An experienced producer knows how to express marketing messages and how to reach target audiences via video.  

Production: Producer, Crew, Equipment, Location, Transportation

Shooting:  Camera and Videographer  

The cameras used must be high quality cameras, and the videographer must be professionally trained and experienced to provide good quality of shooting.

A-roll and B-roll

If it’s an interview with a business owner who’s speaking about their company, products or services, the videographer usually cuts away to shots of the equipment as they speak. Showing the viewer what’s being described in the video is more informative and also helps to keep the attention of the demanding viewer.

Light, Sound, Monitor, Prompter, and other important tech tools

Light, sound, and monitor are necessary for professional video production. Using a prompter can save the whole process. Even the most experienced speaker can be intimidated by lights and cameras. If he or she can’t remember their lines, using a prompter is better than strange improvisations and shooting out of control.

Location and Production Time:

There are many different locations where shooting can take place.  It might be one location or different locations, indoor or outside, in the same city or quite far from it. The production time includes set-up, shooting and taking away equipment.


There are business owners who use royalty-free stock music, while others prefer the original track. Anyway, it’s also a part of production.


There are entrepreneurs who prefer to record voice-over, but it depends on the marketing purposes and on the script.


Sometimes companies invite professional actors or facilitators to present their business publicly.


Props, makeup artist, set-designer, and so on

Miscellaneous fees:

Travel costs, meals, mileage, hotels, transportation, contingency fees, out-of-pocket – it all adds up.


Producer or film-director, video editor, graphic designer, tech guy (digitizing, transfers, rendering, creating DVD-format, compressing for online using, uploading).  Editing is where you create the style and content – you sequence all of the available assets into a cohesive story that communicates your key message in a clear and engaging manner. In order to install logo, contact information, graphs, charts, images or maps, graphics and animation are included into the editing process as well as graphic design.  Video takes on many forms during the production process. After video editing, it should be rendered to a presentation format (for web, broadcast, etc.) and, depending on where it’s going, it can be uploaded somewhere (corporate website, social media, blog etc.). All this takes computer and human time, so both of these are included in the budget. Every business has a budget for promotion. To save money and get a reasonable price, it’s better to say: ‘Here’s my budget, here are my business objectives, what can you do for me?” If the business owner doesn’t declare a budget, then the production company will have to make an educated guess. In this case, nobody can guarantee comfortable numbers.
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