Event Photography

Invision Pro Event Photography

A moment – and sometimes an entire event – can be over in the blink of an eye – and we are here to help you keep all these moments alive – this what the event photography is about.

If only there was a way to keep people talking about your event long after it’s ended!

Luckily there is a way, and it’s as simple as having professional photos taken of your event.

People love reliving memories by flicking through photos.  And with today’s technology providing easy access to social media, people can share, like, and comment on photos from their computer or mobile device.

At Invision Pro, we can capture the best moments of your event, whether it’s a business presentation, concert, or social gathering.

Keep the memories of your event alive with stunning photographs taken by the professional photojournalists and photographers at Invision Pro.

Our Promise to You

At Invision Pro, we follow four fundamental rules of event photography:

1.  The Brief Comes First

We always prioritise our client’s brief over anything else.  This brief will usually encompass the schedule of events, the style of photographs that the client requests, and any specific moments or people that must be captured.

2.  Attention to Detail

We believe that attention to detail is an essential skill of a good event photographer.  The beauty of our photography is that we have the ability to make viewers truly feel like they actively participated in the event, even if they didn’t attend.  We know how to set up shots that alternate between setting the entire scene of the event to showing each minute detail.

3.  A Logical Sequence

Every picture tells a story, and the best way to tell the entire story of your event is to take photos in a logical sequence that helps viewers understand the event from start to finish.  While always following our client’s brief, we take a variety of different shots to tell the full story of the event, including formal staged photos, action photos, candid shots perfect for social media, and fly-on-the-wall shots, where people aren’t even aware that they’re part of the action.  If necessary, we are happy to include behind-the-scenes elements, branding, and any other details as requested.

4.  Angles Change Everything

It is often the case that the difference between an average photo and a truly breathtaking one comes down to little more than the angle.  There are plenty of amateur photographers that have taught themselves to take photos with their smartphones, but what those photos lack is the perspective and detail that comes from using just the right angle.  This kind of knowledge is exclusive to highly trained, professional photographers, and it very clearly shows in our work.

Services Provided

Business Events

We can happily cover the full ambit of business events, including conferences, business presentations, corporate events, seminars, tradeshows, workshops, product launches, demonstrations, masterclasses, and ceremonies.  We can also cover business social events including parties, galas, and dinners.

Sports Events and Other Entertainment

It takes a unique set of skills to adequately capture sports events and other forms of entertainment, and we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.  Trust us with your entertainment events including concerts, private parties, fashion shows, dance shows, performances, theatre shows, festivals, conferences, and creative presentations.  We are also fully able to cover the world of sport, including tournaments and competitions, corporate sporting events, ceremonies, seminars, and masterclasses.

We also can offer you high level professional Video Production on your event. Please visit Video Production page for details