Music for Marketing Video

Relevant Music Makes Marketing Videos Memorable

Music is a very important part of a marketing video: it’s helpful for creating an emotional connection with your target audience. A nice tune will remind viewers about your brand and, as they hum that tune, they’ll automatically think about your products or services.

Music Is a Part of the Marketing Message 

The music specifically for a marketing video is meant to complement the marketing message. Music isn’t the focus of a video – it’s there simply to add color.

Where to Buy Music? 

Many media producers choose to use a music library. Professionally developed search functions allow you to filter your searches based on different genres, styles, instrumentation and many other useful criteria. If you need more featured music, this is accessible via online music licensing libraries. Libraries have different licensing agreements and price points available, depending on what the music is being used for. Here’s a list of some good libraries to consider:


There are many “stock” audio options online. Here are some stock-websites where you can purchase royalty-free well cut music compositions:

  • This is royalty-free stock and production music tracks for any creative project
  • This platform allows artists to create their own music stores
  • This site finds compositions based on the different genres and styles
  • This marketplace has royalty-free music and sound effects

The best way is to hire a professional composer. It’s the same as hiring an artist to create a logo and develop a corporate style. It will reflect a clear sense of the mood, genre, and tone of what you’re looking for. Customized music will be always associated with your brand, products and services. It will show uniqueness and attract a specific audience.

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