How to Deliver a Marketing Message Via Video

Video is an effective way to hook your viewers and promote your business. Here are some tips for business owners, self-employed specialists and marketers who wants to create a professional marketing video.

Show Solutions

Customers are really looking for better solutions. Video is the best tool to inform and to demonstrate real solutions. Customers will see that the business owner (speaker) is a problem-solver and his services or products will save them time and money. Videos will provide the evidence they’re looking for, and the marketing message will be noticed.

Show the benefits and value of your brand

Marketing videos are not about entertainment with special effects and a lot of graphics or animations. It should be simple, but informative and useful. David Ogilvy, the well-known advertising guru, once said, “I regard entertainment as a medium of information; not as an art-form or entertainment. When I write an advertisement, I don’t want to hear that you find it creative; I want you to find the advertisement so interesting that you buy the product.” The greatest advantage of videos is that a camera can show details of products and process of services (video presentation). Video shows real reactions of other customers and their comments about the company (testimonial). Videos show tips and educates the viewer.

Show the Uniqueness of Your Products and Services, and Offer Something Incredible

It will inspire viewers to seek additional contact, and works like a “marketing hook”, for example: – Click the link below our video and you’ll get free shipping. Just follow the instructions;- Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get this book for free;- Call us today and you’ll get 25% discount.

Show the Customers Who Is behind the Business

Viewers are always appreciative when they can see business owners presenting products, services, their brand or a company. Such videos have the ability to humanise business and build trust. Business owners can send their marketing message directly to their audience and attract new customers. He or she will show and describe what the new company has prepared for them, what kind of solutions they can offer, and what types of features will make their customers happy.
A marketing video will deliver your message directly to your audience, attract more clients, and ultimately make more money.

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