Video Production by Invision Pro

If you require video production in Toronto, videography services in GTA (Great Toronto Area) or marketing video campaign, Invision Pro is one of the premier companies for top quality video production services. No matter your needs, whether it’s for promotional videos, professional quality showcasing of your business, personal videography projects or otherwise, we are interested in establishing close personal relationships with each one of our clients to produce the highest quality work possible.

Digital marketing with high quality video content is in the cutting-edge of today’s marketing strategy. In order to keep up with your competitors you will need to adopt the digital video marketing strategy to attract new clients. With access to large social media networks as well as search engines which are regularly indexing new video content, producing just one high quality marketing campaign could allow you to see a massive increase in visitors to your website.

Invision Pro is a company committed to delivering the high quality affordable video production across many industries to businesses, non-for-profit and charitable organizations, scientists, self-employed individuals, artists and even personal projects. Invision Pro also has extensive experience in video editing, animation, marketing, web and graphic design. We have an extensive range of professional video production equipment (full HD video camera, professional microphones and heatless lighting), video editing software which we use to create top-quality promotional online and TV materials.

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We offer to produce 5 videos per week for one year. Comfortable price is guaranteed. 

Invision Pro has had the pleasure of working with companies including: Toronto Concert Orchestra with Maestro Kerry Stratton, Desjardins Securities, Sunwing Travel Group, 777 Taxes, Infiniti Safety Corporation, International Touring Production, Victoria Ballet Academy, Welcome House, 360 Contracting to name just a few.

Invision Pro handles every aspect of the projects we work on from initial consultation, concept development and script writing, to filming and video editing with animation and visual effects. We also provide video files’ transferring service to ensure that your video can be seen and shared online, off-line and on television.

Invision Pro produces different types of marketing video in HD quality. We use only professional video, lighting and audio equipment to shoot, edit and convert your video to different formats. We help our clients to promote their products, services and events on-line through this marketing video. Click here to check out what our Video Production Services include



Why does it work? Because Invision Pro produces video which provides every business with the following benefits:

Invision Pro shows your company as an established business

Invision Pro creates the video which is the quality indicator for your customers

> Video produced by Invision Pro is world wide reacheable

> Invision Pro makes video cross-platform/device accessible

> Invision Pro’s Video reaches the right target audience and motivated customer

> Invision Pro HD Video is easier to consume than written content

> With video produced by Invision Pro it is much easier to communicate and educate prospects and existing clients around products or services

> Video made by Invision Pro is one of the best things aside from actual face-to-face interaction and it much better humanizes your business than written content

We produce different types of Marketing Video:

  • Commercial Video

  • Testimonials Video

  • Corporate Video

  • Slide Show Video

  • Training Video

  • Conference/Seminar Video

  • Presentation/Pitch Video

  • Live Concert/Show Video

  • Trade Show Video

  • Educational  Video / How-to

  • Promo/Special Offer  Video

  • Video Resume

  • Video Invitation

  • Event/Performance Video

  • Documentary

  • Web Promotional Videos

  • White Screen Videos (White Background)

  • Video Interviews for TV & Online Broadcasting

  • Virtual Tours for Real Estate and Travel Companies

  • Commercials for TV & Web

  • Green Screen Filming & Compositing

  • Demo Reel for Singers & Actors

  • Video Resume & Self-Promotion

  • Welcome Video for Websites


Click here to check out what our Video Production Services include